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Single parents are the mainstream. More than 50% of births to women under 30 are now outside of marriage, and 26% of American children live with one parent. There are 14 million of us across the nation, raising over 24 million American children and sharing the same challenges and triumphs, joys and heartaches. Raising children alone is challenging, sometimes even overwhelming, but it's possible. Millions of single parents are raising happy, healthy children and building successful families. That's every single parent's goal, and we're here to make that goal easier to achieve.

Single Parent Action Network (SPAN) is a one-stop resource base and connection center serving American single parents. We collect practical, useful, experience-based information on every aspect of life as a single parent, presenting it in a useful and easily accessible format. From grant, scholarship and assistance programs to work at home opportunities, from practical parenting tips to money management ideas and sensible guides to dealing with your ex, if it's relevant to single parenting, you'll find it here. As the site evolves, it will increasingly feature interactive capabilities that let single parents share their tips and hints, and learn from each other's triumphs and mistakes. We're also looking for ways to work with trusted brands and popular manufacturers to deliver discounts and benefits to single parent community members.

Single parents are as diverse as America. We come from all racial and ethnic backgrounds and all economic classes. We are women and men, teenagers and middle-agers, raising children from infants to teens. Despite our diversity, we have a great deal in common. We're all raising children. We're all striving to give our kids the best possible life and future. We're all struggling to make time for ourselves, juggling work, family, and personal priorities, and trying to live up to expectations that are often unrealistic. We need to support each other and stand up for ourselves both individually and collectively. We are not some small marginal group on the sidelines of society. We are American families, the future of the nation.

Raising children alone is never going to be easy. SPAN is designed to make it just a bit less difficult, and to let single parents feel just a bit less alone. Every problem and every challenge we come up against have been faced and overcome by millions before us. We're here to bring those experiences and those solutions closer, and to share the information and the skills needed to bring all of us one step closer to our goals. If there's something you'd like to see us cover, or if you have other suggestions that will help us do better, we'd love to hear from you!

A Message From The Team At Single Parent Action Network

We work hard to ensure that the information we provide is accurate, thoroughly researched and is supportive of your present and future goals. Though all ads featured on our site are designed to suit your needs, we encourage all our members to carefully consider the potential impacts on your personal circumstances before purchasing any products or services.